Pilates for Men

It is not just women who can benefit from Pilates, men can too.  It is well recognised that many men do not like training in mixed groups so this class is for men only.  The format of the class will recognise the limitations that many men have, ie, flexibility and mobility, tight hamstrings and hip flexors, whilst at the same time acknowledging that men are generally stronger in their upper bodies than women.  The class will occasionally include the use of some small equipment, eg, resistance rings, or resistance bands.

Pilates is now widely used by top athletes and sportsmen as part of their training programmes as the exercises focus on strengthening the deep core muscles and improving balance and posture resulting in fewer injuries and improved performance.  These benefits can be enjoyed by anyone who takes part in sports whether it is golf, running, cycling, swimming, football, cricket, etc, whatever their level.

man exercising
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