Matwork Classes

Pilates matwork classes are the most commonly practised form of Pilates;  these are the Pilates classes offered at most gyms and leisure centres.

At Move With Pilates, I run 6 matwork classes each week; some in the mornings and some in the evenings.

Four of the matwork classes are of mixed abilities, and the other two are for beginners and for those clients with back problems.

All the matwork classes run as 6 week courses, and are limited to a maximum of 4 people in the studio, and a maximum of 12 online simultaneously.  This is to comply with social distancing measures for Covid-19.  All mats in the studio are separated by screens.

The 34 Moves
This matwork class follows the original repertoire of exercises in the order designed by Joseph Pilates.  It is an advanced matwork class for experienced clients and requires good technique and strength.

Pilates and Pregnancy
Pilates has many benefits during pregnancy and is an ideal and safe form of exercise.  The focus on postural muscles improves core stability and pelvic floor strength, it improves abdominal tone which provides better support, it improves circulation and helps with breathing and relaxation.  Practising Pilates before, during and after pregnancy promotes good recovery from labour and the birth and helps towards regaining your figure.

I do not run classes specifically for pre- and post-pregnancy but incorporate into general classes with special modifications for the pregnant/post-natal client.  Unfortunately, due to the limit on numbers I can only accept a pregnant client who is already attending my classes pre-pregnancy.

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