Group Reformer Class

The most renowned piece of Pilates equipment is the reformer.  This was invented by the founder of the Pilates system of exercise, Joseph Pilates, in the early part of the 20th century.  It is a bed-like frame with a gliding platform, called a carriage, which is attached to one end of the frame by a set of springs.  The springs are adjustable and therefore provide differing levels of resistance depending on whether the carriage is being pushed or pulled.  This progressive resistance helps to lengthen and strengthen muscles, rather than building bulk, and the lack of impact means that it is joint-friendly.
The reformer is very versatile and the exercises can be done lying down, sitting, standing, sideways, pushing, or pulling,  Over 100 exercises can be performed on it and the intensity of these exercises can be increased or decreased by adjusting the springs.  The reformer is gentle with your body but it can also provide a very challenging workout.

The instability of the moving carriage develops core strength and this, in turn, improves balance, posture, and well-being.  Exercises carried out on the reformer are precise, flowing, controlled and combine the movements in several planes of movement; working your muscles through a full range of motion.

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